Frankfurter Str. 184

Property management

  • Namyslo Ltd.
  • Phone 06172-177060
  • E-mail
  • Emergency service 06172-17706177


  • Mr Arstlantekin,
  • Phone +49 172 4564734
  • Email:

Lettering of mailbox and bell by caretaker.

Garbage room and bicycle storage at the back of the building.

Washing machine room in the basement, from the elevator on the left, then again left (crossway), 2. Door on the right. Washing marks at the caretaker.

Electricity meter and telephone distribution room: via caretaker.

Internet via DSL or cable possible. Cable provider: Unitymedia/Vodafone Kd. No. 06007016624.

Access to the house and underground parking at the back. There is a parking lot and turning circle. Access via Hermesstrasse 1. Parking at the back